Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Criss Cross Card

This is my attempt of a 'Criss Cross Card', it's another technique I saw used on Split Coast Stampers and I thought it looked pretty easy, so I gave it a go!! Hope you like it, I'm quite pleased!!!

Oh and Krissy I even used flowers!!! Thanks Jody they were from Created By You Papercrafts!!!

These are cute 3" x 3" cards

These 3 inch cards are awesome when you don't have much to write!!!

I used blended pens and the 09/10 Stampin' Up In Colours, they are gorgeous!!!

I also stamped the image onto the outside of the envelope, this added a nice warm effect - I thought so anyway!!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Here's the latest!!!

Hey gals, how's life been??
I've been off work all week sick - massive headaches, not fun!! Anyway I have been sleeping so much through the day that I can't switch off at night, sssooooo as a result I have been doing some stampin'!!
Hope you enjoy!!!


I was looking at different techniques on Split Coast Stampers when I came across bleaching... I was hesitant to put bleach to my stamps but this technique you only apply bleach to your papers!! I loved the effect. There are 3 photos here, first the embossed image, then the bleach added and finally the end result!! I hope you like it, I was quite pleased with it!!

Baroque Mofits, Embrace Life and Life's A Breeza stamp sets all in 09/10 Catalogue

I saw a card of Vicki's - my upline, that I really liked, however I didn't have the same stamp sets as her so here is my version!!!

2 Step Stampin' from the 08/09 Catalogue

Saturday, May 30, 2009


So its been 6 mths since I last updated OOPS!!!

Time has been flying by... The boys are both happy and healthy, which roughly translated means FERAL!!! As all little boys should be!!!

Jody, Krissy and I habe been making the effort to catch up for coffee on a regular basis, so far so good!! We magage to catch up once a week - only when Krissy's away do we skip the weekend coffee!!!! It's nice on the weekend to get some girl time and just chill.

Jody has been busy at the shop... If you are a lazy scrapper like myself head to Created By You Papercrafts at Burpengary, and check out the Design Studio. The scrapbook kits are faboulus and of course gorgeous, oh and do yourself a favour and cash up first, their pages are amazing!!

Krissy has been busy too, doing online comps...Oh and she has just been published again - CONGRATS - stalk her blog (like so many others...), her work really is something else. Krissy and I took my boys to the park the other day and Krissy brought her camera and eye for photography with her, the pics below are ones she took - they ALL turned out gorgeous - thanks again Miss Princess!!!

Anyway here are some of my recent efforts hope you enjoy... take care xo